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Welcome to Cucina Italiana

Sydney Venice since 1998

Just a small note to let you know that classes will be running from Saturday 13th Of June, if the government allows to do so. Let’s do it! Calendar 2021 is now available.

Now it is time to support any small business you love, time to make a list of things you want to do and life never allowed you to….  Allow yourself to dream and value the moment you have. After all you are in a very beautiful country, blessed and protected more than at any other place I know.

It is during difficult times that we see the very best of who we are. More than ever, it is time now to be spiritually together so we can come out on the other side.

Please, keep strong, love, be kind, and most of all, remember: this virus plays with our mind, with our ability to panic and be in fear.

Kindly be positive.

Need a chat? I am here: 0416 268 494

Need to talk about something… from tomatoes to sugar… from small hiccups to big tasks in life… We are all humans, being tested to stay strong.

Please feel the love, the good light and good vibes being sent to you.

I love you.

We are one, we are many, we are Australians because it does not matter where we come from we love this country, this land.


Luciana x  0416268494 or email me: info@cucinaitaliana.com.au

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