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Welcome to Cucina Italiana

Sydney Venice since 1998

Our school has moved to the northshore.

16 Kokoda Ave Wahroonga, 2076


As per the current NSW Government’s restrictions Sydney’s lockdown has been extended. As a result our cooking classes are on pause until further orders.

Please note:
All gift vouchers are automatically extended for another year, if the expiration happened during the lockdown. Kindly contact us when you are ready to book your class.
 Existing bookings will automatically be converted to a credit until you are ready to rebook. There is no time limit on rebooking your class and customers will not lose their booking.
No refunds apply. We can re issue a gift voucher so you can give to a friend in case you are leaving the country.
We have no answers for when we can re-open the school. We are currently working to offer virtual classes to accommodate the demand.
When you are ready to book, kindly visit our website ( via your pc only) and select Book a class/ Class by calendar date. We have opened classes for 2022, and we will be rescheduling everyone accordingly.
You can only rebook your class by taking the following steps:
Select a class, making sure you keep an evening class or day class as per your booking.
Let us know the original booking date and future date you wish to attend.
This can only be done internally by us.

We thank all our customers, new and existing, for your patience, understanding and flexibility during this period.

Wishing you love and strength, light and virtual cuddles during this difficult time.

Call us 0416268494 or email us: info@cucinaitaliana.com.au

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