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private events

entertain your clients, colleagues or friends at one of our private events, tailored to your every need.

Our cooking classes are fun and a great way to bond and entertain, which is why our Private Events are so popular. Our classes are always 4 hours long, four to five course meal, giving you a unique experience that sets this cooking school apart from the others.

Cucina Italiana have been running these fabulous private events for the last 23 years and all classes concentrate in giving you not only authentic Italian food, but also taking you to the real Italy.

We truly believe that in order to give you a real experience, a full Italian menu, time ( you will be with us for 4 hours) and passion, are the essence for a successful private event.

  • 4 hour long cooking classes, with a full and complete 3 to 4 course meal 

  • A beautiful setting where you will feel the authentic Italian spirit.

  • A selection of different menus to choose from to customise your needs.

  • A specialised team of experts to cater to your event's every need.

You will experience

Let our team run your event for you, so all you have to do is let yourself go and discover more about the person next to you.


Let food challenge you and improve your decision-making, after all, this is not only a day out from the office but an opportunity to be experiencing Italy without leaving our shores.

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