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Cucina Italiana Cooking School, Sydney

Our Sydney Cooking School has been designed so you can immerse in our Italy, welcoming our students to a special and unique experience.

The Sydney Cooking School emphasises teaching the real Italian cooking, the home cooking that you can only find in a true Italian home.

The working area is designed for kneading doughs such as pasta or bread, gnocchi or pasta frolla (short crust pastry). I want our students to feel their hands moving, to understand how dramatically the weather can change the texture of the dough – how a little bit of air here and there can change everything.

We want to give more – more than a home to our students, more than a cooking school for the ones who cannot stop learning. We want to give you an Italian experience, we want our students to breathe history, to inhale the art left by the Italian immigration in Sydney.

Living Italy is not only here in our work, in what our school delivers, it is a promise that we will give to you. Authenticity and home food is the only way to define Italian Cooking. Enjoy this piece of history, come in to our Italian home in Sydney.


Prosecco Hills Cooking School


From 2002 until present Cucina Italiana Cooking School has been a reference for Italian cooking in Sydney.

Luciana now holds private and personal classes nelle Colline del Prosecco and Venice. What is different, what is next you may say: Simplicity in every way.


Grabbing ingredients and being seduced by whatever is in season, selecting a prosecco or wine to spend the day through the night together, staying with locals, sharing the farm experience, cooking with senses, fermenting the bread, shaping the pasta, learning about prosecco and region wines, expanding your horizons, discovering a new road map, a new sunset where tomorrow will bring you hope.

Here cooking is no longer part of a cooking class. Cooking is living. It is now part of how you will change your life around. With confidence to be you, to take new steps, and change for ever the flavours of your life.

After a few nights in Venice, drive to the green hills of the Prosecco area. Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene are located in north-eastern Italy, a World Heritage Unesco Site.

In a hillside zone in the Pre-Alps area of the province of Treviso, 50 km north of Venice and approximately 100 km south of the Dolomites.

The landscape is characterized by ‘hogback’ hills, ciglioni – small plots of vines on narrow grassy terraces – forests, small villages and farmland.

Here in the hills of Conegliano & Valdobbiadene, you will meet friendly people, humble farmers who will break a bread and share their life with you. Here you will learn and live the prosecco experience!

By taking a short drive to our beloved mountain of Cansiglio,  you can be immersed with different varieties of plants and scenery that can change dramatically with each season.

What is next? Come over, and live the dream!

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